About Pulsaar

“SIROWA Group” company is specializing in distribution of health and beauty products for more than 25 years in 9 European countries. As being professionals and one of the leading companies in this industry, “SIROWA Group” decided to take a bold step and dive deeper into healthy and active lifestyle trends.

At the end of 2018 “SIROWA Group” took a strategic decision to develop the sports category, as one of the key segments and trends in healthy lifestyle and become a distributor for “Pulsaar Nutrition” brand in all three Baltic countries ( Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), France, Switzerland and Germany.

“Pulsaar Nutrition” brand combines in its products the pureness of the Swiss Alps and the perfect production according to Swiss quality standards, to ensure excellence for our customers in all Pulsaar products. Our brand was created to develop and make available to the market breakthrough products.

“Pulsaar Nutrition” products were designed for individuals with busy lifestyles and health and body conscious athletes, and for all who require a high level of concentration, a sharp mind, and lots of energy, by combining the best technologies with the latest trends.

Passion for nature, sport and an active life is at the core of our business. Our mission entails being able to support and enable people to achieve their highest goals in sport and improve their well-being. Our mission is to provide solutions in the field of sport and wellness through innovation, and quality products.

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